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Don't Miss the Right Moment for Digital Transformation

Do yo know, what’s wrong with aristocracy, and why bureaucracy is only one step away from death ☠️? There are two categories of people: those who know the Adizes methodology and those who haven’t yet realized they know it. When looking at Adizes corporate lifecycle for the first time, the majority immediately comes up with these two questions:

  • Are all the organizations doomed? 😨

  • Why does this have to happen? 💔

And the answers, according to the methodology, are:

  • Yes, if they are left as is 😱

  • Because of human nature 🧠

Paradoxical as it may seem, the same human nature that creates, develops, and leads an organization to prosperity - is responsible for withering followed by stagnation, and then the final bow ☠️. To prosper in the long run, a company has to transform itself.

According to Adizes, the Golden Age of a company is the Prime. It is a balanced state of stably high income and growth. That means growing data, personnel, volume of supplies, number of external partners, processes, etc. So one of the reasons why a business would turn its curve towards Stability (sometimes called "the Fall"), is that it can no longer scale up for the growing amount of work. And here’s the first news:

In the Prime period, digitalization should have already happened.

So when to start digitalization? One can argue that the sooner the better, and advice to start digital transformation during the Go-Go stage. The short answer is no. Go-Go is the most creative, development-centered period. It’s like childhood in all senses. Drawing attention and resources from creativity and productivity to total formalization can repel key players who are vital during this phase. But for a strategist, here is another news:

The Go-Go phase is the time to plan digital transformation, research tools and learn the field.

This makes the Adolescence period the optimal time for business digitalization. This period is a series of transformations, including vision, goals, and business strategies, and those are much easier with digital tooling in place. So pick right the moment and embrace technology 🚀

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